TG: look at my outfit
TG: want 2 wear that outfit
TG: want 2 kiss + marry that outfist
TG: look
TG: at that lollipop
TG: that fuckin LOLLIPOP
TG: hehhe look at me goin in 4 a lick
TG: like im the queen of fuckall yall
TG: what is that in my hair
TG: is that

My feelings about Trickster Roxy are pretty much eloquently summed up by Roxy herself x3 ahaha LOVE IT

Trickster Roxy cosplay made and worn by SEWthoughtful

Photography by ObscuraVista

I’m so glad I can finally share more photos of my Trickster Roxy cosplay! I cannot believe how much fun this was to wear ;u; it’s so right up my alley in style- just sooo great to be so bright and colorful… and comfortable (in cosplay, god forbid! hehe) The wig was especially a hit at my Artist Alley booth, which was so flattering! I worked really hard on it and I’m so glad it’s like a helmet *u* those strands will never fall haha. Anyway, this will definitely be in my regular-cosplay rewears now <33 WOnK

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